Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance is one of the most critical department of the enterprise that drives strategies and goals of overall organization.In a global interdependent economy: uncertainties of unpredictable market pose constant challenges to decision makers, hence organizationsare required to be more adaptive, innovative and globally informed to acclimate and exercise cost effective positive cash flow approachesto achieve targeted revenue outcomes.

Epics professional’s utmost goal is to: through its effective, efficient and global market scenarios/predicaments understanding helpenterprises boost productivity, maintain quality and achieve financial goals while keeping the cost low. We have built an environmentthat foster cost reduction, solid business decision making and global perspective that nurtures growth, innovation and productivity.Implementing low cost philosophy ensures outperformance in the market place to beat the completion.

Our Accounting & Finance services include:-

•    Accounts Payable
•    General Accounting
•    Tax Services
•    Financial Planning & Analysis
•    Audit Services and Governance
•    Medical Billing & Collections